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Belles of the Sound is a group of classy ladies currently residing in the Emerald City. Several of us are natives & several of us are transplants (Arizona, Montana, Kitsap County… ok ok it should be it’s own country!). Prepare to be enlightened and entertained as we show you how to take full advantage of all the Puget Sound has to offer. We’ll fill you in on the latest news, tastiest restaurants, best happy hours, rockinest events, and everything fabulous & fun in/around Seattle. Sit back, pop the champagne cork, and enjoy!

Our general format is each of the bloggers will post a tip/review/insight on their assigned day: Sunday (Tracy), Monday (Liezel), Tuesday (Brittney), Wednesday (Jeanine), Thursday (Kara), Friday (Melissa), and Saturday (Cecilia). We will also feature articles from various guest bloggers who have their own unique insights to share! If you want to guest blog or have a tip, visit our contact page to get in touch.

About the bloggers:

Jeanine Dellinger is co-founder of Belles of the Sound. Jeanine loves all things music, sports, animals, and wine, and you can expect to hear a lot about those subjects in her writing! Professionally speaking, she is a public relations practitioner for a small tech agency in downtown Seattle. Jeanine currently lives in Ballard with her boyfriend and two cats, Jack & China. You can find her checking out the local restaurants and bars in Ballard, watching her Gonzaga Bulldogs play ball, or reading a good book.

Contact Jeanine at jeanine at bellesofthesound dot com or follow her on Twitter, @Jeanine.


Cecilia Campagna is co-founder of Belles of the Sound. Ceci is a born and bred Washingtonian who is originally from Silverdale and now lives in the big city neighborhood of Queen Anne. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles, drinking coffee in its many form, texting without abbreviations, and singing in her car so enthusiastically that she once got a thumbs up from a whole van full of sailors. She spends her days watching too much TV, looking for a way to give Ken Griffey Jr. a hug without getting arrested and thinking about how she can’t imagine loving any place as much as she loves Seattle.

Contact Cecilia at ceci at bellesofthesound dot com. ____________________________________________________________________

Shannon Deveny is a magnet for the awkward, random and ridiculous. While frustrating for her, these fatal attractions are great for you, dear readers, because they make for fantastic blog fodder. Living in the tiniest of tiny apartments in Queen Anne, Shannon spends most of her time out and about in Seattle’s social and recreation scenes. Sauntering around Greenlake, cheering on Seattle sports in Sodo, imbibing in Fremont and chowing down everywhere in between, she tries to take in everything the city has to offer.

To fund her playtime activities, Shannon works as a public relations and marketing professional for a small companyt in Fremont. A graduate of Western Washington University, she misses Bellingham (except for the patchouli aroma and vegan cuisine).

Contact Shannon at shannon at bellesofthesound dot com or on Twitter, @sdeveny.


Cathy Copeland is a diet coke enthusiast and thinks the best part of the Internet is that the world instantly knows when Lindsey Lohan has crashed a car.  A Seattle native, she attended Santa Clara University and moved back to this great city three years ago after a brief stint in San Francisco.   Cathy lives in Ballard and works in a neuroscience lab but will soon be starting gradute school in Public Affairs  at the University of Washington.  Her least interesting hobby is watching Top Chef reruns on Bravo and she loves  baseball, public libraries and people watching.

Contact Cathy at cathy at bellesofthesound dot com or follow her on Twitter, @Cathy_C.


Kara Lundberg is a Washington native, born and raised in the fine state capitol of Olympia. Now, she lives in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, going on her fourth year there, and can’t imagine living anywhere else but in the Center of the Universe. She is an avid (and sometimes fair-weather) Seattle sports fan, a runner, a triathlete, has a minor addiction to shoes and will always say yes to a happy hour in the city. Kara has made a goal over the last year to read only non-fiction and therefore has become a good friend of the public library system but is always taking recommendations.

If you are looking for Kara you’ll most likely find her at the gym or in her kickboxing class, at Nordstrom’s or Trader Joe’s, or tackling a new recipe in her kitchen.

Contact Kara at kara at bellesofthesound dot com or follow her on Twitter, @klundberg.



Karianne Stinson is originally from Central Oregon, but she fell in love with Seattle at the age of 8. She’s lived in the Seattle area for the last 6 years and now calls Belltown home. To her family, she is Auntie Karianne to six adorable nephews! To her friends, Karianne is cruise director and historian – planning events and capturing photos and videos as proof of the fun! During day, Karianne uses her love of communication and technology to help companies engage online. You can find Karianne checking out tasty happy hours around town, enjoying some sunshine in a park or singing her heart out at karaoke.


You can reach Karianne at karianne at bellesofthesound dot com or follow her on Twitter, @Karianne.


Liezel Barraca is a resident of Queen Anne, Seattle’s best neighborhood (so named by Seattle Magazine!). She is an avid Sounders fan and enjoys the fact that Seattle is one of the few cities in America where soccer tickets need to be bought in advance or they actually get sold out. As a graduate of Whitman College and a legal assistant at a small law firm on Eastlake, Liezel’s proudest accomplishment to date is having once fixed her toaster without advice from any male friends or the internet. Her true loves include red wine, stinky cheese, and Stephen King; her murderous regard is set aside for slow walkers, late buses, and people who are too tall. If you are willing to submit yourself to a physical inspection, she would be happy to let you know if you fall into that last category.

All kookiness aside, Liezel has resided in Seattle for the last four years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Contact Liezel at liezel at bellesofthesound dot com.

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