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Guest Post: Surviving the Seattle Summers in Style

July 12, 2011

As promised last week, Anna Gilbert, the blogger behind the fashion blog What Are You Wearing?, is gracing the Belles of the Sound with a Tuesday guest post. Below you will learn how to stay comfortable and stylish during the Seattle summers. As I mentioned before, Miss Anna knows what she’s talking about. Pick up the few essentials she recommends and you’ll never waste another hour figuring out what to wear. Okay, maybe “never” was a strong statement, but I do promise the amount of time you waste will be greatly reduced. Enjoy!

Summers in Seattle are (typically) gorgeous. With all the inevitable rainfall the other 10+ months provide, there is no shortage of greener for the summer sun to shine on. Nonetheless, when the rays do hit the Pacific Northwest, there are a few things you need to make it through the best time of year:

Sandals (meant for walking and san socks, please): I love embellished, metallic, boho or gladiator-inspired varieties that provide both comfort and style during your strolls along the waterfront. Keep the height to a minimum with a flat sole or mini-wedge, and always pack band-aids in case a blister sneaks up on you…

Slouchy tee and shorts: no matter how you slice it, this combo is THE ultimate summer wardrobe go-to. Pair a pocket tee with cut-off denim or cuffed cargo shorts for aBlog Image chic, rugged look.

Sunglasses: find a shape that fits and flatters your face, and stock up on this warm weather necessity. Everyone should own a metal aviator, oversize plastic and retro-inspired frame.

Cross-body bag: Undoubtedly the most versatile and convenient handbag of the season. Find one that fits all your essentials (cell, wallet, keys, sunglasses, water bottle, camera, etc.) and go forth hands-free on all you summer adventures. I love cognac leather, canvas or lightweight suede, and a little embellishment. Also, some studs or a little fringe never hurt anyone 🙂

Bright nail polish: Well-manicured tips and toes are a must when baring it all in this season’s hottest sandals or wandering barefoot at the beach. I love neon pinks, purples and corals, bright reds, and cool shades of blue. Nudes, taupes, and flesh tones are easy to apply in a pinch, so there’s no excuse to go polish-less this summer.

H2O bottle: It’s vital to stay hydrated when the temperatures start to rise, so why not showcase your eco-friendly PNW nature with a sweet reusable water bottle? With an abundance of options available, you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

These Seattle Summer essentials, along with a tube or sunscreen and a smile will guarantee you survive the warm summer months unscathed. Now it’s time to assess the wardrobe situation and pick up any of the missing aforementioned articles before the rain comes. So hurry!

Stay tuned and always stay stylish!

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